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Embrace true high fidelity audio with Focal speakers.

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Made In France

Luxurious Hi-Fi Speakers:

Sopra 2 Bleu Couple


Sopra frees the entire essence of music to such a point that you’ll seem to be hearing certain sounds for the very first time.

Painstakingly crafted by hand, Sopra features automotive caliber finishes, beryllium tweeters, and undeniable style.

Kantan2 S Taupe Grey Listen Scaled


Let Kanta take you into the depths of music like you never imagined.

Available in a variety of beautiful finishes. 

Aria 948 Prime Walnut Couple


Aria offers a great entry point into the world of French-made audiophile excellence. 

Architectural & In-Wall Speakers:

Focal Speakers 1000 Series In Home Theater
100Iwlcr5 34 Scaled

Focal 100 Series

An affordable gateway into the world of installed Focal sound.

The 100 Series brings an unexpected musicality to your home with ease. Let yourself be surprised by the technology behind this product, its efficient design, and ideal features for an easy use at this price.

Designed & Developed in France


Woofer: Polyglass

Tweeter: AI Inverted Dome

Installation: In-Wall or In-Ceiling

Models: 100 IW LCR5, 100 ICW 6, 100 ICW 8, 100 IW 6, Focal IW Sub 8




300Iwlcr6 34

Focal 300 Series

The products of the 300 Series line are designed and made in France and include Focal exclusive technologies such as the Flax cone and the Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter, they will meet the higher expectations.

Made in France


Woofer: Custom Flax Material

Tweeter: Alluminum / Magnesium

Installation: In-Wall or In-Ceiling

Models: 300 IWLCR, 300 ICW 6, 300 ICW 8, 300 ICLCR, 300 IW6




Iwlcr 1000 Utopia 34

Focal 1000 Series

The pinnacle of architectural speakers. 

The 1000 series is fully capable of filling even the largest spaces with beautiful reference quality sound. 

Made in France. 


Woofer: W Sandwich

Tweeter: Beryllium

Installation: In-Wall or In-Ceiling

Models: 1000 IWLCR 6. 1000 IWLCR Utopia, 1000 IW6, 1000 ICW 6